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We all want to feel in control of our finances, and understanding how your money flows in and out is the first step.

The smart money guide helps you take control. It's easy to use, and won't take long to complete. You'll build an accurate picture of your cash flow and see how to make best use of your money.

Getting started
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Once you've completed the smart money guide, share it with your financial adviser who will help you to optimise your cash flow and manage your surplus or shortfall.

Note: Your information remains private - the details you enter are recorded on a secure site protected by a password chosen and only known to you. You will only be contacted if you elect to receive offers or information from us.

Tax rates applied :

If you have a good grasp of the particulars and can fill in the finer details to get a more accurate picture

Faster but less accurate
If you're unsure of the specific amounts but have a good idea what goes in, what comes out and what is or isn't left over


Simply enter your income and expenditure in the columns titled 'amount' in each section of the smart money guide. Then choose the frequency of your income and expenditure items, and their start and finish dates, from the drop-down menus. Just name the start and end month of each payment. If it's a one-off, enter it as a monthly payment from Jan to Feb, for example.

Scroll down to the bottom of each page to make sure you have completed all the relevant fields. If an item doesn't apply to you, just leave it blank.

Click the arrow at the bottom of each screen to continue to the next screen. You can also move between screens using the tabs along the top menu bar.

Hold your cursor over this symbol tip for tips and information.

Saving: Each page will automatically save when you move on to the next page, however your information will be lost when you exit the smart money guide. To save your smart money guide come back later to review or update your information, just click the 'save for later' button.


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* All income (and therefore tax) is assumed to be earned by one person (i.e. income is taxed as if earned by one person)

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